Chapter 1 Preamble

I am a PhD student in Biology at University of Washington. I’m intersted in boundary layer climate, and the effects of microclimates(think of climate right above ground) on plants and animals. I like to develop computational tools in R and Python. I embrace openness in research and believe in sharing knowledge.

Below are the packages developed in R that could be used in any field.

# TrenchR - Energy balance functions
# devtools::install_github("trenchproject/TrenchR")
# TrenchR - UI to extract microclimate data
# devtools::install_github("trenchproject/ebm")
# TrenchR - Backend processor for UI (Uses Amazon Mail API)
# devtools::install_github("trenchproject/tecor-monitor")

Few sites where my research can be visualized. Extract microclimate data at

1.1 Areas of interest

  • Microclimate
  • Visualization - mostly of climate related questions
  • Processing large datasets in Cloud
  • Workflow execution in Cloud(Multi-cloud providers)

1.2 Published papers

Ausmees, Kristiina, Aji John, Salman Z. Toor, Andreas Hellander, and Carl Nettelblad. “BAMSI: a multi-cloud service for scalable distributed filtering of massive genome data.” BMC bioinformatics 19, no. 1 (2018): 240.

Ausmees, Kristiina, and Pushpam Aji John. “Analysis of Chromosome 20-A Study.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1607.00276 (2016).

John, Pushpam Aji, et al. “868 MHz Wireless Sensor Network-A Study.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.00475 (2016).

1.3 Un-Published papers